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Starting Aids - Glow Plugs

Delphi Diesel Starting Aids guarantee quality performance and reliability, enduring the highest demands placed by the world's leading automotive manufacturers. Delphi’s strength and experience in Diesel technology is evident throughout the range, ensuring that Delphi Diesel Starting Aids remain at the forefront of technological development.

BTL offers a complete programme of OE quality, consisting of Delphi Glow Plugs, Controllers, Thermostarts, Test Equipment and Market Support. Click on these headings to jump to more information below.

Glow Plugs

The Glow Plug range benefits from Delphi’s commitment to product excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. Delphi Glow Plugs are original equipment quality, designed and tested to the most exacting of standards.

Glow Plugs are critical to the smooth, efficient starting of diesel engines, including cars, vans, light commercial vehicles and off highway equipment. High quality performance is vital in achieving the required starting temperatures readily, without compromising on the plug's durability.

The Delphi Glow Plug range offers a number of key technologies that vary according to vehicle manufacturers specification. The extensive range includes Dual Coil, Long Post Heat, single and wire type glow plugs.

All new introductions are geared towards long post heat technology. The latest 'intelligent' design ensures more effective combustion and improved emissions, resulting in smoother cold engine running. The Delphi Dual Coil range similarly offers improved reliability and performance.

Delphi is constantly researching new technology and design principles in order advance our product portfolio and provide the ultimate plug.

The Delphi Glow Plug range covers in excess of 95% of the European and Japanese Vehicle Parc including many of the latest vehicles.

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Delphi also offers a comprehensive range of glow plug controllers. Like glow plugs, controllers are essential for the efficient starting of most car and LCV diesel engines.

By energising the glow plugs for the right period of time, as exacted by the starting conditions, they increase fuel efficiency from start up, and improve engine running while in use. They also aid the driver by controlling the dash warning light.

Delphi controllers deliver excellent performance and are strongly recognised within the automotive trade.

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To complete the Diesel Starting Aid programme Delphi presents a broad range of Thermostarts. The Thermostart, originally designed and registered as a trademark of Lucas, is an integral and fundamental part of the engines starting system, in enhancing starting in all conditions.

Delphi Thermostarts are fitted on a wide range of commercial vehicles, trucks and tractors, in addition to industrial and marine engines, and have been specified by many leading manufacturers.

Delphi Thermostarts reduce poor starting, battery and starter motor problem, black smoke and excessive fuel consumption.

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Test Equipment

To aid evaluation of product performance, BTL can also offer a Glow Plug and Controller Tester. This aids verification of the glow plug circuit for continuity, relay and warning light operation.

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Market Support

In addition to offering highly competitive pricing, and excellent service, BTL can offer a comprehensive range of promotional and marketing support material, in order to help wholesalers to maximise their opportunities and competitiveness.

This includes the master catalogue, updated with new features and the latest application and cross-reference details.

The Delphi brand name and range is supported further by the development of attractive merchandising and point of sale material.

Likewise BTL provides a full programme of diagnostic and technical support to assist with any diesel starting aid problems.

The Delphi range of quality diesel starting aids is one of the most extensive in Europe. Delphi provides an ongoing commitment to range development in line with the ever increasing diesel parc and advanced diesel technology.

The comprehensive, yet compact range, covers most vehicle requirements, thereby facilitating stockturn and improving overall profitability.

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