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Repair Parts

BTL supplies a full range of Delphi Diesel Original Equipment quality service parts for use in the aftermarket. These include:

Overhaul Kits
A range of kits containing all the parts - gaskets, o-rings, washers, nuts etc. - which are required for a complete overhaul of a given diesel injection pump.

Metering Valves
Fitted to all mechanical types of pump, the metering valve controls the flow of fuel to the hydraulic head and rotor plungers.

Liner and Blades
These are fitted to all types of diesel pump. They form the transfer assembly, transferring pressure for operating rotary pumps.

Cam Rings
Also fitted in all types of diesel pump, the Cam Rings contain cam loads which are used to operate the pumping plungers in the hydraulic head assembly.

Gasket Kits
Delphi Gasket kits consist of all the sundry parts including gaskets, o rings, washers, nuts, etc. required when a pump needs an overall service. Kit packaging is designed for protection and easier identification of component parts.

Stop Solenoids
Fitted to the vast majority of rotary pumps, Delphi stop solenoids are electrically controlled fuel shut-off devices. The solenoid opens the fuel passage to the pump's distributor rotor on ignition and closes it on engine switch-off.

Hydraulic Head Assemblies
The hydraulic head assembly distributes fuel from one set of plungers to all the cylinders. They are fitted to all types of diesel pumps showing Delphi's full and comprehensive range at original equipment standard.

Direct Evolution Lite
A summary of some of the key pump repair parts is given in the section on Rotary pumps. To access full details of Delphi repair pump and injector parts, a database of technical data (Direct Evolution Lite) is available on an annual license subscription basis from BTL. Download Direct Evolution Lite pdf.

Direct Evolution Lite has been specifically designed for use by customer service staff fielding customer enquiries, warehouses monitoring product inventories and purchasing departments placing orders. It presents information in a user-friendly environment, ideal for quick reference on part number / application queries.

The level of information provided on Direct Evolution Lite makes it a valuable tool for businesses outside the Delphi network. In particular, the application data and cross reference information helps to identify the Delphi product required.

To ensure that customers have current information on the newest applications, monthly updates are provided monthly via the internet.

  • Parts lists for all Delphi technologies
  • Exploded view diagrams of pumps/injectors
  • Vehicle application information
  • Cross-referencing to vehicle manufacturer / competitor product
  • Enhanced faster search facility
  • Information is tailored to office / warehouse requirements
  • Covers all Delphi product - from in-line & DPA to EUI & Common Rail
  • Internet-style, user-friendly environment
  • Multi-lingual (5 languages on one DVD)
  • Split-screen with drop-down menu function
  • Installation / licensing process via the internet
  • Easy-to-use shopping basket facility
  • Rapid response time
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