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Fuel Conditioning

Effective diesel fuel conditioning is essential to protect fuel injection equipment from water and particle contamination, and adverse operating conditions;

  • Dirt, water and other contaminants in diesel fuel have a disastrous effect on FIE (Fuel Injection Equipment), resulting in expensive repair bills and engine and vehicle downtime.
  • As little as 5 grams of dirt, 5 to 20 microns in size, in the fuel can completely wear out a pump, resulting in inefficient running and starting problems.
  • Wax can collect at any restriction in the fuel line, starving injection equipment and leading to breakdowns, excessive starter moter wear and disrupted delivery schedules.
  • The effects of even a small amount of water in the fuel injection pump can be just as damaging, with rapid wear, corrosion, and even pump seizure.

In most operating conditions more than just a main paper filter is required. Delphi offers a complete range of Original Equipment fuel conditioning product; filter elements, sedimenters, agglomerators, fuel heaters, hand primers and parts, which combine to offer premium protection for the FIE.

Inferior quality product may not prevent dirt and water reaching the pump. You may save a small amount of money by fitting a cheaper component- but when that part fails you may be faced with the cost of a complete pump overhaul. Even if failure is not catastrophic, damage will occur:

  • Lack of power
  • Excessive smoke and noise
  • Poor starting

Why compromise the outstanding quality of Delphi parts by introducing spurious, inferior quality parts?

Choose the product that is manufactured to the highest specification, rigourously tested and backed by a twelve month warranty - the same product that is chosen by the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

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