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Delphi Diesel Plus
Delphi Diesel Plus is a premium performance fuel system treatment which has been developed in conjunction with Chevron Corporation, using the latest Texaco fuel technology. The product has been extensively tested and endorsed by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.
Delphi fuel injection systems are specified as OE fitment on a number of leading vehicle manufacturers’ models. Each original equipped system is engineered to extremely fine tolerances and meet demanding standards of quality and precision.
It has become more important than ever that the fuel used also meets the exacting standards of these systems. With the ongoing reduction in sulphur the ability of some of today’s diesel fuel to clean and lubricate fuel delivery systems and engine components has decreased. Whilst good quality fuel will provide adequate protection, it is important to ensure preventative maintenance for the system.
Why Use Delphi Diesel Plus?
Treatment with Delphi Diesel Plus as part of a standard service programme will provide maximum fuel system cleanliness to aid engine efficiency and enhance injector life and effectiveness.
Delphi Diesel Plus has been successfully tested to prove full suitability to the latest high pressure fuel injection systems.
Key product benefits include:
Cleanliness Delphi Diesel + delivers high performance and deep-down cleanliness throughout the fuel system
Performance The product has been designed with a powerful Cetane improver formulation which increases fuel combustion
Reduced Emissions The advanced technology used in the product reduces exhaust emissions and improves engine cold starting performance
Lubricates Delphi Diesel + contains a highly reliable lubricant which protects all fuel system components